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Network Management


provide the


required to specify, implement and maintain this core business asset. The

network infrastructure

is the central nervous system of the

distributed computing environment

. The days of the

local area network

have been superseded by the demands of the

Internet connected businesses

of the 21st century.


have the vision and skills required to make your business, whatever the size, a serious contender in today's demanding global markets.

Focusing on

Microsoft technologies



can provide solutions to satisfy

business requirements

such as:

Network infrastructure design and designation,

» Total

network management


Security (both internal and external)

» Core

business solutions

(e-mail, information access)

Business continuity


Technology management


can provide the total solution for virtually all SME sized organisations.



can provide the expertise required to complement the skills you may already have in-house.

Either way,


is the partner to support the growth of your business, pleased to manage the level of responsibility for your IT infrastructure, that YOU choose.
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2017-04-28 21:25:26

Integration complete with all major financial accounting systems.
2017-04-10 21:25:26

Integrated Manufacturing and shop floor data collection systems.
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Raw Materials purchasing and stock control systems linked to forward load.
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Work In Progress monitoring and harmonising Sub-contract operations
2017-04-10 21:25:26

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